Within the workshop – “Choir-workshop”, all participants, regardless of their age and nationality, will study choral works which will be performed at the final concert.

Each year the workshop will have different focus and program, which will provide an opportunity to explore works of contemporary composers from various nationalities. Heads of workshops will be composers themselves – authors of the submitted works.
The concept of the hosts of the event is to create some sort of cultural bridge for artists and performers from different countries.

Workshops over the years:

In 2011

In 2012

In 2013

In 2014

In 2015

In 2016

In 2017

In 2018

In 2019

  • Workshop “Contemporary Bulgarian Choral Music” for Mixed choirs – “Morska prikazka” /Sea Fairy Tale/, by Borislava Taneva with: Atanaska Popova
  • Workshop for Vocal Groups – “Bre Petrunko” with Emil Strundzhev – Leader of workshop and autor of the arrangement
  • Festival Hymn “Sing a song” by Ambroz Copi with Valentina Georgieva


In the Tenth Edition – June 3 – 7 2020:

  • Workshop for Children’s and Female choirs: “Children of the Wind” – Lyrics & music: Susana Lindmark – A leader of the workshop: Rosie Mastrosavva /Greece/
  • Workshop for Mixed choirs – “Contemporary choral works” – A leader of the workshop: Masis Aram Gözbek /Turkey/
  • Festival Hymn “Sing a song” by Ambroz Copi / Slovenia/, with Valentina Georgieva

Sound signal of the festival
Anthem of Balchik
Music: Michael Stoyanov, verses: Stefka Kercheva-Stefanova

Festival Hymn “Sing a song” – music and lyrics: Ambroz Copi