Festival town

Balchik is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Bulgaria, an international resort with rich history, incredible architecture and wonderful nature. It is located in North-Eastern Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast, 40 km away from Varna.

In Balchik you can see the famous Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria, the biggest Botanical garden on the Balkan Peninsula and the temple of the Mother Goddess Cybele.

During the summer Balchik becomes the cultural capital of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast welcoming artist from around the world. The necklace of festivals held in the town combines with the rich history stratified by the heritage of seven civilizations.

The International choir festival “Chernomorski zvutsi” is a true celebration of the song, sea, harmony, beauty and friendship.

More than 5500 singers, 203 choirs from Bulgaria, USA, The Canary Island, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Turkey and Greece have participated in the festival. The great goal of the festival is to build bridges between nations, cultures, composers, conductors and choirs from all over the world.

The official concert events are broadcast online in real time.

Come in Balchik and be part of the next edition of the festival in order to find new friends, to experience the joy of music together with us and enjoy the Black Sea coast!