Jury 2017

Eliyanka Mihailova is an experienced conductor. She graduated from the State Music Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria. After her graduation she conducted Female choir “Christina Morfova” and since 1995 till 2013 she took the leadership of the Mixed Chamber Choir “Holy Trinity”. She participated in festivals and competitions in UK, Israel, Greece, Czechia, Spain, Germany, Italy , Russia etc.
In the period 2009 – 2014 Eliyanka Mihailova is the President of Bulgarian choral union.

Currently she is a director of “Performing Arts and Art Education” department of the Ministry of culture.

Georgi Andreev was born 1969 in the town of Haskovo, Bulgaria. In 1988 he graduated from the School of Folklore Music Shiroka Laka where he majored in the gadulka, which is a traditional Bulgarian bowstring instrument. In 1997, he went on to complete the class of composing with supervising professor: Aleksandar Tekeliev, at the Academy of Music „Pancho Vladigerov“, graduating with honors.

Georgi Andreev has directed numerous national orchestras and ensembles, composing for the Bulgarian national radio and authoring more than 400 composed and arranged songs and instrumental works for orchestra, choir, and soloists, as well as vocal, keyboard, dance, and chamber works songs and plays, oratorio „A Melancholy Beauty“ and etc. Georgi Andreev brilliantly merges classical choral-orchestral music with traditional rhythms and folk styles that are rarely encountered today. From 1994 to 2000 he worked as conductor of the orchestra at DANPT „Philip Kutev“, and since 2000 he is its Chief Conductor. Georgi Andreev is a winner of many awards, some of which are: Grant for the Most Promising Young Composer /1993/; Alfred Schnittke Prize for Sonata for Piano /1994/; Maestro Dimitar Valchev Composition Prize for the music drama Twin Kingdoms /2001/; Golden Feather award from Classic FM Radio, Musician of the Year award for the music drama Bulgarian Legend and Special Prize from the National Palace of Culture Arts Salon for Friendship without Borders /2004/; Union of Composers Golden Staff Prize for Symphonic Creativity /2005/; Winner at a contest for composing on the Handel theme on the Bulgarian National Radio /2008/.

Vanya Moneva graduated with first-class honours from the National Academy of Music “Pancho Vladigerov” in 1979, in professor Vasil Arnaudov’s class, with “Choir Conducting” field of studies, which marked the beginning of her impressive artistic career.

Throughout her professional career as a choir conductor, Vanya has lead the Women’s Traditional Music Choir of the Bulgarian National Radio, the Choral School of Kazanlak, and many other male, female and children’s choirs, and has gained the much valuable experience which lead her to brilliant professional results and numerous awards and acknowledgements, such as: the “Golden Book” award for her contribution to the development of the Bulgarian culture; the “Golden Staff” award from the Union of the Bulgarian composers; the Echo award by the German music producers for the “Bulgarian Soul” CD – a collaboration with the opera singer Vesselina Katsarova; „Classics in the Other Genres” award by Allegro Vivace, Bulgarian National Radio; „Golden Feather” award for contribution to Bulgarian culture by Classic FM Radio; the Special Prize of „Salon des arts”, and many others.

Vanya Moneva actively works with the Bulgarian composers, provoking them and inspiring them with her creativity and deep knowledge of the choir conducting artistry. Her liking for the Bulgarian folklore as an author takes form of the foundation of the Cosmic Voices female folklore choir. Being the leader of the ensemble for 20 years to date, Vanya has established and strengthened her significance in the music industry. With her innovative ideas she has proven that a female folklore choir can be treated as a brilliant music instrument. She has developed a repertoire policy which brings out and emphasises on the traditional Bulgarian voices’ enigmatic abilities and leads them towards new genre dimensions. This has proven to be her unique professional trait.

Vanya Moneva is one of the brightest names in the Bulgarian choral artistry – she has established herself as a conductor with style, highest professionalism and artistic beauty. Not for nothing was she referred to as “The Bulgarian Karayan in a dress” by the composer professor Krassimir Kyurkchiyski.

Alongside with her choir works, Vanya Moneva is a musical producer in Bulgarian National Radio.

Michael Deltchev graduated with Golden Medal the NSFM „Filip Kutev“, Kotel, and Vassil Arnaoudov Conducting Class at Sofia Music Academy.

He has worked as a Chief Conductor of Orpheus Childrens Choir Haskovo, and Haskovo Male Choir.

In 1990 studied as a guest-student at The Royal Danish Music Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark. Studies in Contemporary music in Stockholm, Renaissance Music in London and Baroque music in Stuttgart.

Live in Denmark, where he is working as a conductor of the Caecilia Choir, Collegium Vocale vocal ensemble, Tonica Concert Band. Founder and conductor of three Female choirs, singing Bulgarian folk music: Usmifka – Copenhagen, Sedjanka – Aarhus and Iglika, Odense.

Perunika vocal ensemble is the latest project, which Michael Deltchev and the singers from the group created since august 2014.

Michael Deltchev is conducting choirs and orchestras in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and USA. He is a clinician and leader of summer courses for foreigners, teaching Bulgarian vocal and instrumental folk music.

Valentina Georgieva is a conductor, music teacher and leader of children’s vocal groups.

She is a graduate of the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, where she studied conducting with the Associate Professor Nikola Lipov. She subsequently specialized in choral conducting under professor Liliya Gyuleva at the State Academy of Music”Pancho Vladigerov” in Sofia.

An active participant in international choral- conducting courses, a member of the Executive Board of the Bulgarian Choral Union and currently a PhD student at the New Bulgarian University – Sofia.
As a conductor of “Chernomorski zvutsi” mixed choir Valentina Georgieva has taken part in numerous competitions and festivals in Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, the Czech Republic and is a prize winner at national and international forums. As a leader of “Chernomorski zvutsi” mixed choir, she has three CDs released in 1998, 2004 and 2011. Full of inspiration, talent and perseverance and relying upon the tradition, she strives to give the choir a contemporary image in accordance with the trends in choral art worldwide.