1. Bulgarian and foreign non-professional choirs and vocal groups of all types and categories /including folk choirs/ can participate in the Festival – mixed, chamber, male, female, youth and children’s choirs.


2. There is no age limit.

3. Participants’ requirements:
a) Taking part in the Festival’s workshops;
b) Preparing a 15-20 minutes concert programme, by each choir’s choice, that includes a piece of music of the national music culture of the choir, as well as a piece of music by a Bulgarian composer;
c) Performing one or two a capella songs at the additional concerts and one piece of music at the gala concert – they may be the same or different as the ones presented in the concert programme.

4. The organizers can provide the scores of Bulgarian songs in case a foreign choirs wants.

5. The participants can choose between the festival category (non-competitive) and the competition category. The competitive category will be judged by a jury that will determine the winner of the Festival’s Grand Prix: Gold-plated statuette “Chernomorski zvutsi” and cash premium. If there are more than three choirs from each category /uniform, mixed, children/, the jury will nominate a winner from each category. You can read more about the awards here.

6. All children’s choirs are competing all together to win a special diploma “Future of Europe” and a cahs premium by the Association “Musical world-Balchik”.

7. The folk choirs participate in self-competition program /a single competition programme/.

8. The application forms for participation in the Festival could be sent by electronic mail.

9. The choirs which would like to participate in the Festival must fill in an application form. It confirms that the candidates accept the terms and regulations of the Festival.

10. The following materials must be enclosed with the application form:
– A brief annotation of the choir and its conductor;
– An advertising photo of the choir and a personal photo of the conductor;
– Recordings of the choir’s performances or a link to a webpage where they can be heard;
– A tentative programme and scanned copies of the scores of the music works /only for choirs participated in a competition programme/, which will be performed at the festival. /All submitted materials will not be returned/.

11. The selection of the participants will be based on the documents presented. The choirs approved to take part in the festival will receive a letter of advice and scores for the workshop. Detailed programme of the Festival can be found here.

12. The participation fee for the Festival is 30 BGN (15 EUR) per person. The participation fee is not refunded. It shall be paid by all participants, whether they are choir singers, conductors, drivers or accompanying persons.

20 % lower participation fee for choirs submitted their application and paid the fee until 31 December of previous year.

The choirs will confirm their participation in the festival after they pay /deposit in the bank account of the association/ the participation fee. All prices are in BGN. The choirs can transfer the money by bank and all bank charges shall be borne by them. The bank account of association is:

Bank: UniCreditBulbank
Address: Bulgaria, Balchik, 34 A, Cherno more str.
IBAN: BG77UNCR70001520093250
Titular: Association “Musical world-Balchik”

13. Transport and stay (accommodation& meal) costs are borne by the choirs. The organizers pay for the dinner party in the last festival evening.

14. The costs for accommodation and breakfast is from 26 to 60 BGN /13 to 30 EUR/ per participant a night, and it depends on the hotel’s category. If choirs wish, they can be provided with food during the Festival, but the expenses shall be borne by them.

Rights and obligation:
1. The organizers have all rights to the performances during the Festival; advertising; various private, national or public media broadcasting of the concert programme; publishing of audio, video and other materials and their copy producing in Bulgaria and abroad, without any obligations to the participants.

2. The organizers are responsible for the overall conduct of the festival and concert programme – administration, accommodation, advertising, prize expenses, support activities and the costs related. A dinner will be provided for all participants on the day of the gala concert.

3. The choirs or member of choirs who want to organize their accommodation independently have to a 4-times higher participation fee.

4. Recordings of the concert performances will be sent to all participants in the Festival.

Application form