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Anthem of Balchik14Anthem of BalchikWithin the workshop – "Choir-workshop", all participants, regardless of their age and nationality, will study choral works which will be performed at the final concert.

Each year the workshop will have different focus and program, which will provide an opportunity to explore works of contemporary composers from various nationalities. Heads of workshops will be composers themselves – authors of the submitted works.
The concept of the  hosts of  the event  is to create some sort of cultural bridge for artists and performers from different countries.

Workshops over the years:

In 2011 - “Bulgarian contemporary music” with a leader Vesselina Dragolova-Danailova

In 2012 - “Finnish contemporary music” with a leader Juha Holma and "Bulgarian folk music" with leader Katya Barulova

In 2013 - “Spanish contemporary music” with a leader Josu Elberdin

In 2014 - “Slovenian contemporary music” with a leader Ambroz Copi and "Bulgarian folk music" with leader Katya Barulova.

In 2015 - “Bulgarian contemporary choral music” with a leader Assoc. Prof. Gheorghi Arnaoudov Ph.D. and "Bulgarian folk music" with a leader Vanya Moneva

In 2016 - “Slovenian contemporary music” with a leader Ambroz Copi 

"Bulgarian folk music" with a leader Vanya Moneva and "Vocal ensembles" with  "Spectrum group"


In the Seventh edition - June 7-11 2017:  

“Bulgarian contemporary music”- Leader of the workshops and author of the works: Georgi Andreev

For Mixed choirs: "Hubava si, moia goro"

For equal voices: "Oi, ela mi Veliche"

"Bulgarian folk music" with a leader:  Michail Delchev

"Zalibih si edno libe"- Filip Kutev

"Nidelio"- Georgi Andreev

 "Vocal ensembles improvisation and circle singing" with  "Spectrum group"

 "Visoko" - music: Rumen Boyadzhiev, Konstantin Cekov, words: Evtim Evtimov, ar. Yanko Yankov

Festival Hymn - with Ambroz Copi 

"Sing a song"- music and words: Valentina Georgieva  /Slovenia/


Sound signal of the festival
Anthem of Balchik

Music: Michael Stoyanov, verses: Stefka Kercheva-Stefanova




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